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AMHE Foundation
Accord de Coopération: Download
AMHE Records Archives: Log In
Bylaws: Download
Code of Ethics: Proposed rules of Meeting Etiquette
Conference in Haiti AMHE 1997: Document
Convention Reports 1998: Document
Convention Programme Scientifique de la Convention de Montebello: Download
Convention speakers of the 90s: Download
Convention 2014 Atlantis PDF
Convention 2015: Speakers
Convention 2016: Archives
Convention 2016: Thank you to Mr. Yves Cajuste
Convention 2016: Video Courtoisie du Dr M Coles
Convention 2017: Video Courtoisie du Dr M Coles
Convention 2017: Archives
The Founding members of the AMHE
VIIth AMHE Visit to Justinien
VIIIth AMHE Visit to Justinien University Hospital
Hopital de l'université d'état d'Haiti (HUEH)
2016 Hurricane News!
Kellogg Project
LeoganeMission Nov 2014
Newsletter: Archive
AMHE Photos album-1
AMHE Photos album-2
AMHE Photos Convention 2005 Puerto Rico
AMHE Photos Convention 2007 Napples FL
AMHE Photos Convention 2008 Aruba
AMHE Photos Convention 2010 Montebello - Convention 2012 Norfolk
AMHE Photos Convention 2011 Panama
AMHE Photos Convention 2011 Panama
AMHE Photos Convention 2011 Panama
AMHE Photos Convention 2012 Norfolk-1
AMHE Photos Convention 2012 Norfolk-2
AMHE Urology Conference Haiti Nov 2013
AMHE Urology Conference November 2014 Petion Ville Haiti
Photos Gala South Florida 2013
AMHE Convention 2014
AMHE Convention 2014
AMHE Medical Fair in Bahamas 2014
AMHE Mini congress AMHE April 17-18, 2015 Melville , NY
AMHE NY Chapter Gala April 2015
AMHE Convention 2015 Photos album-1
AMHE Convention 2015 Photos album-2
AMHE Convention 2015 Photos album-3
AMHE Convention 2015 Photos album-4
AMHE Convention 2015 Photos album-5
AMHE Convention 2015 Photos album-6
AMHE Convention 2016 Photos
AMHE Convention 2016 Photos album 1
AMHE Convention 2016 Photos album 2
AMHE Convention 2016 Photos album 3
AMHE Convention 2016 Photos album 4
AMHE Convention 2017 Haiti: Photo, Jean Claude Bellanton
AMHE Convention 2017 Haiti: Photo, Courtoisie du Dr H Laroche
AMHE Convention 2017 Haiti: Photo-1, Courtoisie du Dr M Coles
AMHE Convention 2017 Haiti: Photo-2, Courtoisie du Dr M Coles
Saturday 7-26 2014 session at the AMHE Convention in Bahamas
Photos Souvenir du passé
Profil des trente premieres annees.pdf: Download
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