AMHE 47th Annual Convention


Dear AMHE members, Family, and Friends
Dear Convention Participants,

As we already informed you in our two previous letters, we needed to make sure that any decision concerning the convention would be a well-thought out and clear-minded one that all of you would be able to live with when looking back a few months later....

In the middle of the week, we met again at the Central executive (CEC) level; and it should come as no surprise to you that AMHE has decided to cancel the upcoming July convention, and to have it rescheduled for next year, July 24 – August 1, 2021. Next year, the Convention will take place in the same location and will pack a better punch. We will be looking forward to that annual gathering with the sense of having survived the greatest tragedy of our lifetime.

We encourage everyone who has already registered and paid for the 2020 Convention to authorize AMHE to roll their payment over to the 2021 Convention in Rio Hato, Panama (Central America). In the event someone prefers to receive a refund for his (her) payment, please allow 60 to 90 days for your refund to be processed. We will need this much time to process your refund as it will take us more or less the same time to receive our refund back from the hotel. If we do not have to issue these refunds, we will be able to leave the deposit with the hotel and likely negotiate a discount that could be passed on to you for the 2021 AMHE convention.

The Coronavirus continues on its path, claiming many lives each passing day. While we feel powerless by the magnitude of the pandemic, our resolve to fight back and to take actions remains unfettered.

We have devised ways for our AMHE community to stay connected while practicing social distancing. Therefore, we will not be having a physical gathering in 2020. However, as AMHE continues to educate its members and the community at large on how to protect themselves from the infection, we ask you to maintain all the hygiene and sanitary precautions that have been recommended by appropriate authorities. We urge you to stay at home as much as possible unless it is absolutely necessary for you to venture outside of your residence.

Lastly, we want to thank you all for trusting AMHE with your leisure, your education and your finances and we hope to continue to serve you in the future with the same passion and determination as we have done it in the past.

We look forward to continuing to communicate with you and to keeping you updated as the pandemic continues to evolve. Should there be any need for further update on the convention or on any other AMHE-related matter, we will be glad to bring it to you.

May God bless you all! And May he protect both your family and ours !!!


Elizabeth Philippe M.D.
Harold Laroche ,M.D.
Rony Jean-Mary, M.D.
Joseph Pierre-Paul Cadet, M.D.


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