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2016 Hurricane News


I thank those who called, during the last two days, to share their concerns about hurricane Matthew in Haiti.

As you probably know by now, the hurricane landed mainly in the southern part of the country where it caused floods, damage to property and loss of lives. We do not know the extent of the damage at this time. Communication with Haiti via telephone has remained difficult today.

AMHE is in contact with several organizations in Haiti and in the US such as AMH (Association Medicale Haitienne), Haitian Red Cross, Protection Civile, HRDF (Haitian Resource Development Foundation), HANA (Haitian American Nurses Association), MSSPP (Ministere de la Sante Puplique et Population), Haitian Congress and United Front in an attempt to monitor the situation and to coordinate a response to the disaster.

AMHE will discuss the health implications of the hurricane, and potential interventions, at its regularly-scheduled meeting of the Central Executive Committee tomorrow Wed 5 Oct at 9 pm eastern. We invite the Chapter presidents to attend this important meeting. The first half of the meeting will be a forum open to everyone.

Please let me or Mrs. Michael Bruno, our Executive Director, know if you have any questions. She can be reached at 202.681.3506 or email "mdbruno@amhecec.org".

Our sympathy goes to our compatriots in Haiti during this difficult time.

In solidarity,

Serge JC Pierre-Louis, MD, MPH
President, AMHE

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