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AMHE Will Turn 50 in 2021    

A Message from the AMHE Treasurer

AMHE will turn 50 years in 2022 and this is a remarkable event. To Commemorate this milestone AMHE will undertake several activities. Among them, AMHE is seeking to build a 1,000,000.00-dollar Endowment Fund to ensure its perpetuity. Donate to the Fund NOW and help AMHE continue its work into the future.

The Haitian Medical Association Abroad/Association Médicale Haitienne À L’Étranger (AMHE)  was created in 1972 by a group of Haitian Physicians as a social and professional network for the Haitian Medical Professionals. In the same vein, the medical professionals of AMHE also sought to extend humanitarian support to all Haitians in the diasporas of the world and in Haiti as well.

Over the years, AMHE has been omnipresent in the US, Canada, Haiti and always committed to deliver its best to our siblings in need. Among its most remarkable endeavors, AMHE has:

  1. Provided a warm meal to students of the Universite D’Etat D’Haiti. AMHE has contributed 15 to 20 thousand dollars yearly to the Cafeteriat des Etudiants it created since 1990.
  2. Offered educational opportunities abroad to young medical fellows/residents of the Universite D’Etat D’Haiti through its Rotation Program. To date, the Rotation program has graduated nearly one-hundred students.
  3. Delivered relief in times of disasters to Haitians in the Caribbean, the US, and in Haiti.
  4. Offered mentorship/guidance to medical students in the US and elsewhere in the World.
  5. Organized relief missions to bring Health services to Haiti.

These are among the most significant projects AMHE has conducted throughout its existence. I think most will agree that these are significant contributions to our community and that these endeavours make AMHE a legacy worth preserving for future generations.

For AMHE to continue to deliver impactful contributions to our communities of medical professionals around the globe, as well as educational, medical, and health reliefs in Haiti, we are launching an endowment fund project that will ensure that AMHE can thrive and survive another 50 years and beyond.


Harold Laroche

Harold Laroche, MD, MBA
Treasury, AMHE CEC



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